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How Does The $4,800 Work?

It's simple. You sell $320,000 in real estate at 3% and we split the commission $4,800 to you and $4,800 to the company. After that, you receive 100% of the commission for the rest of your calendar year. The commissions are split 50/50 until you have paid Great Day Brokers $4,800. This typically only takes 1 - 2 transactions.

Other Services

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1. IDX Property Search Website. Mobile Responsive, With All The Latest "Bells & Whistles " Real Estate shoppers expect these days

2. CRM with Predictive Incubating

A lot of automated nurturing occurs via SMS and Email so when your leads are ready to buy or sell, they call YOU, not one of your competitors.

3. Lead Generation & Pay Per Click Management

You and everyone on your team can order as much traffic and leads as you want, whenever you want. A number of Niche-focused campaigns are available via Google, Facebook , and Direct Mail

4. Optimized For Teams

Designed to help you grow market share & recruit quality agents, all while automating a lot of the follow up processes that can sometimes fall through the cracks.

Facebook Marketing, News Letter, Lender supported direct mailing campaign, and More

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What if I don't sell any homes?

A. If you do not sell any homes the $4,800 is not paid and does not roll over into next year.

2. Do I really receive 100% after the $4,800 is paid annually?

A. Yes, you receive 100% of the commission on the settlement statement

3. Does the fee reset every January or each year on the anniversary?

A. The fee resets every year on your anniversary

4. Are there any other ways to pay the $4,800?

A. Yes, you can choose to pay $400 per month and start receiving 100% of the commission immediately.

5. Can I switch between the 50/50 option and the month plan?

A. Yes, you can switch every year on your anniversary date for the upcoming year to best suit your business.

6. What if I decide to leave?

A. We have an Agent Centric Exit Program as well. We only want agents who want to work at Great Day Real Estate. Agents can leave at any time and take their listings with them without a referral fee. If the $4,800 is not paid, they do not have to pay it

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